Larache – Sinking Ship. !


Well that was a bit mental. ! We had to go to town for some BBQ supplies and there is a big bay between us so we found out there was a wee boat taxi that would take us across in 10 mins for a few quid.

So nice wee boat ride across…….


One of the boys Karim came with us to show us where the butchers was etc….


nice wee boat ride back…..


And then this happened…


They decided to get us off the boat at a different dodgy bit of rocks and as we did the boat capsized. !! Pretty Scary Stuff for a minute. We had to jump out pretty quick with the boat at almost 90 degrees then it sank. !!

Were all good. lol Ruth is doin us a homemade curry now. Sweet. 🙂



Today we made it down to the coast road, to a wee harbour town called Larache.

It was a bit of a sketchy dirt track the sat-nav took us down to get here but Ruth is really getting the hang of driving the truck now and done a great job of gettin us down here. Its really beautiful here and the sun is shining. We found a great park-up right on the beach just outside the town, it is practically deserted. I just searched for ‘Larache wild camping’ and found a cool site with the directions.

GPS Co-ordinates from Website : 35.2048502,-6.1489348 + Google Maps

Shiva is reallly loving it. She is turning into an outside dog now. 🙂

The prices here are great. It definitely gets cheaper when you leave the cities. We had a massive meal for two with drinks last night for £8 and free park-up all night. 🙂 Even in Chefchaouen you can find some great bargains if you look about. We were taken too a small Moroccan restaurant with no tourists and proper authentic Moroccan food 🙂 We got a tasty wee bit of chicken for lunch with plenty nice bread and mineral water for 2 euro each.! You could survive here on a few quid a day easily. All the food is well tasty. We are really lovin the Tagines and the Moroccan soup.

This is a perfect spot but we are only staying the night here before heading much further down the coast. The weather is really heating up the further down you go. The temperature in Taghazout is around 27 degrees !!! We should be reaching Casablanca tomorrow.


The Blue City :) + The Story so Far…

What an amazing country this is. 🙂 We are having a brilliant time here. It was 25 years ago i was here and it was already a pretty special place and now i can say a lot has changed for the better. 🙂 And I had forgot just how friendly the Moroccan people are. So welcoming and they will do anything for you. We have people waving, smiling and shouting whenever we are driving about is pretty funny. 🙂

The Story So far….

We had a nightmare just getting out the UK. Everything that could go wrong did.! Including Headlights not working and keys snapping in locks but we got there eventually. We arrived late for the Euro Tunnel panickin but it is not a problem, they just stick ye on the next available train. 🙂

We flew through France and Spain (at about 45 Mph lol). Were in no hurry. 🙂  It took about a week all in to get to Tarifa. France has loads of great park-ups called Airs. Nice Scenic Spots with water and toilets and plenty space for walkin the dog. :). We went right through the middle of France + Spain to avoid the toll roads (brilliant feature on the satnav)  We saved almost 300 Euros going this way.! And its a much more scenic route 🙂

Tarifa is a perfect spot to stop for a rest before the ferry. You can park up practically anywhere in the city, its an amazing place. 🙂

We got the big Ferry from Algeciras in Spain to Tanger Med for 216 Euros (2 People, 1 Dog and 1 Massive Truck). Make sure you go inside the terminal to get your tickets. A friendly helpful chancer might try and take you to a shop nearby where it will be more expensive. Politely say no and walk away. Easy.

The first day here in Chefchouen  we ended up going up the mountain to have tea with a farmer in his house. It was very surreal and very beautiful and very high up. lol

We are staying at a great campsite in Chefchouen called Camping Azilane.

Its a brilliant site with water and electricity hook up for about 9 euros a night. And we seem to have adopted a donkey and a cat lol

Some Random Pics..

And were Off…

We had to reschedule the Euro-tunnel till Saturday but we are definitely leaving tonight. 🙂

Need to pick up some stuff in Manchester tomorrow then on to Avebury to say goodbye to my Big Bro and Carmen. 🙂 And of course hug the stones for some cosmic Energy. 🙂

We just need to load the rig into the truck now..!!!!