Orgiva – Beneficio – Hippies Living Up A Mountain in a Forest :)

Orgiva – Beneficio – Hippies Living Up A Mountain in a Forest 🙂

Thursday 4th May
We have finally made it to Orgiva now and it really is a beautifull town surrounded by the mountains in Granada. Everyone here is very friendly (except the police if you park your truck in the wrong and the price of beer and baccy is pretty cheap 🙂 We just got 1 litre bottles of beer for 0.67 cents !! and Pueblo baccy is only 5 euros 🙂 We have managed to get the direction to one of the travellers sites here which is called Beneficio. It is right up in the mountain overlooking the town !!

The road into it was really crazy..we felt like the truck was gonny go over the side at one point but we made it there in one piece 🙂 It really is an amazing place with a couple of hundred people living in the woods. They have built some amazing homes here and the scenery is amazing 🙂

Taken from a website i cant remember the name of…!!

“On the slopes of the Alpujarra of Granada , far from civilization, is Benefic, one of the oldest hippie communes in Europe.There is no sign that indicates its situation along the way, nor is it indicated on any map, only word of mouth makes it possible to reach the Spanish hippie paradise. Granada is home to the largest and oldest community in Spain. In the late 70’s from Ibiza, the first hippies arrived to the Alpujarra. Among them were John and Marion, the two Englishmen who created this community. These English “liberated the land”, what in hippie language means to buy it and make it available to all. They got it with all donations.”

We could only stayed for a few days though because we found out our friend was parked up at the other travellers site and we wanted to catch up with him as he waas helping us find somewhere quiete to park up for the summer. 🙂 So we parted company with the lovelly Jo and Yelly and headed off to Los Cigaronnes 🙂


VinaTek !!!! Villarrobledos Spain

VinaTek – Thursday 27th April

This place is absolutley Nuts !! Its like Mad Max times here 🙂 There are soundsystems bieng set-up everywhere you look and we are parked right behind the massive English Link-Up and next to us is the other Massive Spanish link-up…!! This is gonny be a crazy weekend 🙂


We are having an amazing time here 🙂 All the music is brilliant (even the Hardtek lol) and we have been partying alll weekend with yelly and Jo 🙂


We have been spaeaking to people from all over the world and many Spanish of course. One guy says to me “why do you want to live here..? Spain is shit..!!”, i replied with “Yeah everywhere is shit but at least here you have the sun and you get to have massive free festivals like this” Then he understood 🙂

We also got chatting to a really nice Italian girl 🙂 She was very proud of her country and by the time we had finished speaking to her we decided we are going to have to visit Italy next year 🙂

One thing i realised was one of the only countries not have a sound system here is probably Scotland !! Well when we come back next year i will have our wee rig out to play 🙂 Maybe even get a Scottish Link Up happining !!???

So we are now heading for Orgiva in Granada 🙂 This is where we hope to park up for the rest of the summer to chill-out and try and grow some fruit and veg 🙂 We are officially skint now so we dont have a We have heard lots of good things about Orgiva and we cant wait to get there 🙂 There are a couple of travellers sites there so we will be in good company. 🙂

Weve got Yelly and Jo along with us again for the ride which is brilliant 🙂

Total Resistance – Portugal

TR Flyer

We didnt leave the party until the Thursday !! and this was to take Ranald back to the Airport to fly home to Scotland. About twenty inutes after we left the airport another tyre blew out !! we were stuck on the side of the motorway for hours !! In the end we had to fork out 400 Euro to get three new tyres and a spare !! Thankfully it never happened on the way there or we woudnt have made it to the airport !! We are gonny have to watch our cash again a bit now !

We parked up at a beach for the night and had a wee BBQ 🙂

We did not make it to the party until later on and it was pretty full already so we had to park on a nasty slant wich made things a bit wonky. 🙂 This was another great party near Lisbon this time with another great soundsystem and brilliant music all weekend 🙂 Av got a cool wee video of a guy playing the mouth organ during his liveset, it was pretty cool. 🙂 I will get a few videos uploaded when i have more internet bandwidth !!

We have decided we will go to Vinatek in Spain next weekend 🙂 !!

Monday night we got a chap at the door, it was an English guy askin for an oinion in exchange for a couple of big bowls of bolegnese 🙂 Turns out him and his mates are part if the crew doin the big link up of English Sound Systems at Vinatek next week 🙂 They have asked us to park up with them so we should be pretty sorted and it looks like they could be pretty good contacts as they are already living over here and they know prettymuch everyone 🙂

We were about to leave on the Wednesday and we got asked for a lift to Vinatek from two young English girls called Yelly and Jo who have been travelling around all the free parties here 🙂 So were off across Portugal and Spain with a full house now 🙂

Next Stop – A crazy massive Teknival in the car park of a massive Rock Festival called VinaRock just South of Madrid !!!

The Day After Yesterday! (Or Something Like That) Freekquency After Party wth Sabotaz Underground Pirates !

Wed 12th April – Thursday 20th April

We left the Freekquency site on the wednesday and now were heading to a place called Avis to find some free internet and hopefully somewhere to park up with water !! We managed to find a nice cafe with proper internet and we have found a lake close to us on the map. 🙂

We got to the spot and there is a load of trucks already here. 🙂 It is an amazing place to park up with a beautiful lake. We were chatting to a really nice french girl here who is travelling with her young son and she mentioned they were all heading to the After Party so it was looking good 🙂

This is going to be a great weekend as we have our very good friend Ranald coming over from Scotland for a weeks holiday 🙂 and the party should be massive 🙂

We picked up Ranald at Lisbon Airport and headed for Raveolution but when we found it there were no trucks there or even a soundsystem. Bit of a serious let-down as i had promised Ranald a massive festi but we then realised we were at a different party than everyone was talking about. ! We headed for the other party and on the way we hooked up with a young french guy called Virgil who has been living on the road for 8 years already ! We headed off to find the party together and ended up in a massive convoy with the soundsystem heading to the site ! It was proper amazin ! We got to a brilliant site on the border with Spain with a massive lake and a massive Italian soundsystem and thousands of people.


One of the happiest days of my life. 🙂 This is probably the best free party we have ever been too. (so far) 🙂 Everything has really clicked into place today…we finallly got to have a proper swim which was absolutley amazing and we also got to check the bank balance ! We thought we had spent most of our cash already but its not as bad as we thought. 🙂 We have formulated a good plan for the future and we are very positive again 🙂

We partied with Virgil for days, he had some amazing stories including cycling to China !!! It took him a few years !! We also found out everyone was heading to another party next week called Total Resistance 🙂 Looks like were sorted and then after that its Vinatek in Spain which is a massive teknival. 🙂 We also hooked up with Reeza again 🙂 He is a really cool character 🙂


The party started on the Friday and went on till the Wednesday !! The music was absolutley amazing from start to finish and we proper lost it too an amazin live set for hours and hours on Tuesday Night 🙂 Av got to say the Italians really know how to put on a free party/festival 🙂

Its just a shame our sound system is out of action or i would have had it set-up all weekend.!!!

Next up is Total resistance 🙂

Freekquency Festival in Portugal :)

Friday 7th April

Yesterday another tire blew out as we left Algeciras in Spain !! That is the second one to go ! We got it replaced easy enough and continued on to the party.

Freekquency was set up by engish travellers 11 years ago and has became a massive free festival with thousands of travellers in amazin trucks from all over the world. It really was an amazing festival with massive soundsystems, brilliant stages and thousands of amazing people.

We met up with some Scottish friends who were over here for the festival which was really brilliant and we were chattin with people (and loads of dogs lol) from all over the world including a really nice guy from Greece called Reeza who was part of the fire show. 🙂

A festival like this in the UK would probs cost about £200 to get into and its free 🙂 They ask for a 10 Euro donation as all the money goes back into keeping it going 🙂 Plenty of good food at decent prices and the sun was shining all weekend 🙂

The video mapping visuals in the Psy-Trance area were absolutley amazin. 🙂 + The tunes were bangin tae 🙂 Got some good pics on the decent camera 🙂 + Some video but weve not got enough internet to upload the vids just now.


We will defo be back next year 🙂 Now we are off to fid the after party 🙂 !!

Quick Update + A bit of a Rant !!

Wed 5th April/May 1st –

Hey folks 🙂 Weve not had the internet enough to keep up with the blog posts recently but av been writing as we go so there is a few good ones too come shortly all about the last 4 weeks of non-stop craziness in Portugal and Spain 🙂 It really has been an amazin experience so far, better than we could have ever imagined and it looks like wee have just found a proper place to Park up in the South of Spain for the rest of the summer so we are really sorted now.

This has really been a life changing experience for both of us. A dont want to start soundin like an old hippy but i feel i have really changed in the short time we have been travelling (we only left 3 months ago but it feels more like a year !!). I feel more confident than i have for years and i am definitley thinking more clearly also 🙂 I think i was only using half my brain before we left 🙂

Someone we met in Morocco said to me you learn something new every day on the road and they were so right. I never realised just how much we had learned in our short time in Morocco until just now it is really crazy. Here is a few pics i missed out on the last morocco post 🙂

Living on the road is such a liberating experience and you get a real sense of freedom which is almost overwhelming 🙂 We really have no worries anymore and we are the happiest we have ever been. 🙂

Lots of love to all our family everywhere – Mum + Dad, Sharon + Peter, Julio, Ki, Corky and Carmen Xxxxx