Quick Update + A bit of a Rant !!

Wed 5th April/May 1st –

Hey folks 🙂 Weve not had the internet enough to keep up with the blog posts recently but av been writing as we go so there is a few good ones too come shortly all about the last 4 weeks of non-stop craziness in Portugal and Spain 🙂 It really has been an amazin experience so far, better than we could have ever imagined and it looks like wee have just found a proper place to Park up in the South of Spain for the rest of the summer so we are really sorted now.

This has really been a life changing experience for both of us. A dont want to start soundin like an old hippy but i feel i have really changed in the short time we have been travelling (we only left 3 months ago but it feels more like a year !!). I feel more confident than i have for years and i am definitley thinking more clearly also 🙂 I think i was only using half my brain before we left 🙂

Someone we met in Morocco said to me you learn something new every day on the road and they were so right. I never realised just how much we had learned in our short time in Morocco until just now it is really crazy. Here is a few pics i missed out on the last morocco post 🙂

Living on the road is such a liberating experience and you get a real sense of freedom which is almost overwhelming 🙂 We really have no worries anymore and we are the happiest we have ever been. 🙂

Lots of love to all our family everywhere – Mum + Dad, Sharon + Peter, Julio, Ki, Corky and Carmen Xxxxx


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