The Day After Yesterday! (Or Something Like That) Freekquency After Party wth Sabotaz Underground Pirates !

Wed 12th April – Thursday 20th April

We left the Freekquency site on the wednesday and now were heading to a place called Avis to find some free internet and hopefully somewhere to park up with water !! We managed to find a nice cafe with proper internet and we have found a lake close to us on the map. 🙂

We got to the spot and there is a load of trucks already here. 🙂 It is an amazing place to park up with a beautiful lake. We were chatting to a really nice french girl here who is travelling with her young son and she mentioned they were all heading to the After Party so it was looking good 🙂

This is going to be a great weekend as we have our very good friend Ranald coming over from Scotland for a weeks holiday 🙂 and the party should be massive 🙂

We picked up Ranald at Lisbon Airport and headed for Raveolution but when we found it there were no trucks there or even a soundsystem. Bit of a serious let-down as i had promised Ranald a massive festi but we then realised we were at a different party than everyone was talking about. ! We headed for the other party and on the way we hooked up with a young french guy called Virgil who has been living on the road for 8 years already ! We headed off to find the party together and ended up in a massive convoy with the soundsystem heading to the site ! It was proper amazin ! We got to a brilliant site on the border with Spain with a massive lake and a massive Italian soundsystem and thousands of people.


One of the happiest days of my life. 🙂 This is probably the best free party we have ever been too. (so far) 🙂 Everything has really clicked into place today…we finallly got to have a proper swim which was absolutley amazing and we also got to check the bank balance ! We thought we had spent most of our cash already but its not as bad as we thought. 🙂 We have formulated a good plan for the future and we are very positive again 🙂

We partied with Virgil for days, he had some amazing stories including cycling to China !!! It took him a few years !! We also found out everyone was heading to another party next week called Total Resistance 🙂 Looks like were sorted and then after that its Vinatek in Spain which is a massive teknival. 🙂 We also hooked up with Reeza again 🙂 He is a really cool character 🙂


The party started on the Friday and went on till the Wednesday !! The music was absolutley amazing from start to finish and we proper lost it too an amazin live set for hours and hours on Tuesday Night 🙂 Av got to say the Italians really know how to put on a free party/festival 🙂

Its just a shame our sound system is out of action or i would have had it set-up all weekend.!!!

Next up is Total resistance 🙂


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