Livin The Dream in Orgiva :)

Livin The Dream in Orgiva 🙂

Monday 19th June – Monday 26th

We are really settling into our new spot now, its really amazing here.. 😉 We have been very lucky again 🙂 The guy who owns this bit of land has been here for about 20 years and is really amazin. He has really sorted us out and we are here till October/November. He is currently back in England to play a few gigs including Glastonbury ! so we are looking after his garden for him for a few weeks 🙂

This is our new backdoor 🙂

It is very peaceful and very warm here..about 34 degrees most days.we had a heatwave for a couple of days last week where it was in the forties…Wow that was a bit crazy but we dealt with it…apparently it will be getting that hot in the next couple of months !!


Ruth has got her vegetable patch happening now 🙂 Its looking a bit Mad Max with the motorbike in the background 🙂

The big news is wee have a new puppy called Rogue 🙂 Someone had abandoned him in Orgiva. He is amazing and he has settled in no problem.


He has already started making new friends with the many dogs already here. 🙂 This is him with our new neighbors dogs.:)

This is us on our walk up the mountain to the Spring to get water ! We usually have a 40ltr water container on wheels which is pretty decent but pretty heavy!

More Coming Soon.. Peace.


3 thoughts on “Livin The Dream in Orgiva :)

  1. Hi Mum 🙂 Yeah its really beautiful here 🙂 We are well into the forties now but it is supposed to col down in a few days 🙂 I was going to give you a phone tonight about 6/7ish. Love Graham. Xxx.


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