Half Baked In Orgiva 27_07_2017

Half Baked In Orgiva 27_07_2017

We are really cooking here now…it is well into the forties most days !! But we are still loving it 🙂 Our new puppy Rogue has settled in well and he has made friends with all our neighbors dogs really easily. His breed is called a Mastine which is Spanish Mastiff. This means he could get quite big ! Shiva is really loving it here too 🙂

Ruths wee garden is startin to look good 🙂 There is Tomatoes, Spring Onions, Melons, Rocket and Coriander here. 🙂


This is the strawberry patch. not much there yet but they were well tasty 🙂

This will be potatoes soon 🙂


This is a Melon in our nieghbours garden we have been helping water 🙂 We’ve already had one and it was proper tasty 🙂


He also has fresh Basil growing here which really tastes amazing !! We will be growin this next year 🙂


Here is some of his other plants 🙂



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